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Currency Calculator

Currency Rate Converter - Cross Matrix
United States Flag
1 USD = 1.000000.800060.6699795.120331.25251.581281.208727.452166.8294810.45249 13.52247
Inverse: 1.000001.24991.49260.010510.79840.63240.827340.036430.146420.095670.07395
Euro Flag
1 EUR = 1.24991.000000.8374118.89091.56551.976441.5107534.312468.5361713.0645716.90173
Inverse: 0.800061.000001.194180.008410.638770.505960.661920.029140.117150.076540.05917
Great Britain Flag
1 GBP = 1.49261.194181.00000141.97661.869482.360221.8041140.975110.1936815.6013820.18364
Inverse: 0.669970.83741.000000.007040.534910.423690.554290.024410.09810.06410.04955

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Currency Rate Calculator

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Financial Media Corp presents CurrencyRateCalculator.com. Our goal is to offer our users unique and innovative ways to get the latest Currency Exchange Rates and Conversions. Whether you need to check on the USD Rate to the EUR, or you need to convert GBP into USD, or even if you needed today's exchange rate on the RUB you found the right site. We offer 5 easy ways to get the latest information on currencies and their exchanges, and best of all they are all FREE! Be sure to also fill out our form and we will email you daily alerts on the top ten exchange rates every day the currency market is open.
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1 - Currency Converter Cross Matrix
Our Currency Converter Cross Matrix refreshes every 30 seconds, giving you a very easy and fluid way to track the currencies that are most important to you as well as providing immediate information as to how the currencies stack up to each other!

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2 - Quick Currency Rate Calculator
Our Quick Currency Rate Calculator provides instant access to the latest exchange rate(s). We also provide a complimentary RSS feed that contains information on the top 10 currencies of the world as compared to the US Dollar. This tool is extremely valuable for any and all traders regardless of their trading experience!

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3 - Currency Rate Calculator Widget
Do you have your own website/blog? If so, we provide a Currency Rate Calculator Widget that you can place on your site for free! Garner more site hits and attention with this one-of-a-kind Widget designed to provide up-to-the-minute currency rate information with just a couple of clicks!

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4 - Currency Exchange Rate Gadget
If you're like most of us, you probably set your web browser's home page to a search engine so as to have the information superhighway as readily accessible as possible. As an active and savvy trader, why not add a tool to your home page that will give you direct access to the information that is vital to your trading? The Currency Exchange Rate Gadget does just that: every time you open up your web browser you'll have instant access to exchange rates! (for iGoogle and Portal use)

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5 - Mobile Currency Exchange Rates
While some of us may be content with sitting at the computer and staring at red and green charts all day long, there are others that need access to exchange rates while on the go - and that's where Mobile Currency Exchange Rates comes in! Receive up-to-date information via SMS/text messaging or install our iPhone and/or BlackBerry applications for use while home or abroad!

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